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Friday, May 31, 2013

Carpe Diem #210, Mijikayo (short night)

On the eve of June and throughout the coming month we will consider, in Kristjaan's words, "classical Japanese kigo (seasonwords), words with a reference to the season in which the haiku is written, of Summer."

Today's kigo is "short night" referring to the solstice, June 21, which marks the beginning of Summer, while providing the greatest duration of daylight of any day of the year, and so - of course - the shortest duration of night-time darkness.

See Kristjaan's post, linked at the bottom of this one, for relevant haiku by the classical masters.  Read on here for my humble attempts.

~ 1 ~

ancient men
recorded the shortest night
in a ring of stone

~ 2 ~

for insomniacs
even the shortest of nights
can last forever

~ 3 ~

after the sun sets
sleep fast my darling
morning comes too soon

~ 4 ~

far away tonight
above the arctic circle
there will be no night

~ 5 ~

on the shortest night
for those who sleep together
little time for sleep

~ 6 ~

moose slowly turns
from sunset through moon to dawn
while goose soars above

~ 7 ~

short night of waiting
matters little to spider
her trap is woven


Carpe Diem #210, Mijikayo (short night)




  1. Loving all your haiku today...especially LOVE the first. So Stonehenge :))

  2. i have insomnia. lol ^^ great set. i love that soothing tone in the third haiku ^^

  3. Grand designs in your post JzB! Very witty as always and lots of humor!


  4. A wonderful series of haiku on 'short night' JzB.

  5. I do believe I appreciate the hint of naughtiness in #5!

    Shortest Night

  6. I love them all, but especially the insomnia one... great thought

  7. nights are always short for lovers
    very nice combination here

  8. hahahhaha I loved the one for insomniacs and for lovers... wait I love them all...

  9. Great set as always JzB. I hope you got just the right amount of sleep my friend :)

    Short Night


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