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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Carpe Diem #215, Botan (peony)

When I was growing up, my mother had peonies in the back yard along the fence, and our neighbor did too.

I have vivid memories of ants crawling over the new, tightly closed buds.   When the flower opens, the ants lose interest.

We kids thought the ants eating the sweet sap was necessary to help them open, but I guess that turns out not to be true.

~ 1 ~

sweet peony sap
ants can never resist it
till the bloom opens

~ 2 ~

tightly clasped blossom
i know you hold love's secret
open up for me

 ~ 3 ~

wide open flower
with your many layers
what secrets you hold

~ 4 ~

roses without thorns
moose and goose admire their blooms
not good for munching

~ 5 ~

spreading peony
many leaves and branches
secret spider home

~ : ~ : ~

Carpe Diem #215


  1. I, too, had read that the peony buds opened only if ants were present. Mine always have ants and then they disappear once the flowers open. Your final poem is a perfect description of where the spiders 'hang' out in my garden. Great set,JzB!Peony

  2. I have ant issues but made it past the photo and first haiku to enjoy the rest of your haiku. Spider hiding in the peony sounds poetic to me...lovely.

  3. There you go, great haiku and a lesson on nature to boot. Thank JzB!


  4. Awesome JzB. That third haiku is a masterpiece. The layers of the peony hidding her secrets. Thank you.

  5. I see lots of ants on my peony buds, but was unaware that they leave the open blossom....learned something new....

  6. a lovely set. especially #3


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