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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Carpe Diem #229, Hanabi (Fireworks)

I am not a fan of fireworks. Oh, the colors and the occasional quasi-floral displays are pretty and might even be impressive, but I really don't like the noise. Here in the U.S. the 4th of July [Independence Day] is a big fireworks extravaganza, with big cities and little villages all putting on their loud, bright, shows. Many private citizens get into the act as well, and anticipate 7/04 by quite a few days. I heard fireworks in my neighborhood just last night. Fireworks displays are also common after baseball games. Both the Detroit tigers and Toledo Mudhens have them after Friday night games.

The U.S might lag Japan in fireworks enthusiasm, but I think we do our part.

~ 1 ~

kids running bases
under the exploding blooms
after the ballgame


~ 2 ~

after the ballgame
loud bright colored sky blossoms
over Monroe Street

~ 3 ~

fire works display
old man watches with wide eyes
and fingers in ears

~ 4 ~

moose and goose see
stars explode over the lake
they just don't get it

~ 5 ~

fire works flower
the only one guaranteed
to be spider-free


For a completely different take on fireworks, see here.


Carpe Diem #229


  1. A wonderful series JzB. I do like fireworks, but the noise isn't what I like. So I can emphatize with that third haiku.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love how you write in your down home language. It's so endearing. I hate the noise too. Enjoyed today's series very much.

  3. I trust the old man's fingers won't slip from ears to eyes...

  4. each better and better....I am not a big fan of fireworks either, and I, too, heard some last nite...I love the old man....

  5. Ha! An enjoyable read.. I particularly liked the old man one.

  6. I can actually see you with those fingers in your ears LOL

    First Kiss

  7. I am not a big fan of fireworks, either.

  8. I think there is a little moose and goose in me...

  9. Your haiku always paint so vivid pictures with words...also this time.


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