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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Carpe Diem #211, koromogae (changing or switching clothes)

Today's kigo is koromogae, the seasonal change of wardrobe.  Here in Michigan we know it well.  The big questions are: "When will it happen?" and: "Is it for real?" You never can be too sure about these things, either here or in neighboring Wisconsin..

~ 1 ~
now's the time of change
of course just this morning
i changed my socks

~ 2 ~

here in michigan
we need two set of clothes
not so Florida

~ 3 ~

old man is ready
to see signs of the season
short skirts bikinis

~ 4 ~

odd koromogae
mom and dad exchange clothes
become trans-parents

~ 5 ~

beast koromogae
moose grows new antlers all spring
goose molts at solstice

~ 6 ~

wool for winter
lighter fabrics for summer
spider sticks with silk


Carpe Diem #211 



  1. Trans-parents is a classic for you! Enjoyed this stroll through changing. Even moose and goose partake.

  2. a wonderful variety :)

  3. Sound a little like Melbourne where you get "4 seasons in one day" as the song goes :)

  4. Great set - the moose and goose still going strong...each haiku has it's separate atmosphere

  5. I loved both trans-parents and "spider sticks with silk." Nice set, they were quite fun!

  6. trans-parents ... very very good. LMAO
    And I'm happy you changed your socks... :-)

  7. These are all wonderful as always, but I suspect your deepest sentiments about this kigo are expressed in # 3 ! Yes?

  8. Thanks, all.

    Wabi - You see right through me.



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