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Monday, June 3, 2013

Carpe Diem Special #40, Kikusha-Ni's 'in the teabowl'

Inspirational Haiku, by Kikusha-Ni

tenmoku ni koharu no kumo no ugoki kana

in the teabowl
this motion of the clouds
of 'Little Spring'

Plus, I am delighted by Kristjaan's effort

in the rain puddle
the beauty of moving clouds
beneath my feet

I am taking this prompt as an invitation to pause and reflect, not just on nature, but on myself.  I see many people find comfort in religion.  But I am an agnostic and a secular humanist, and have rejected religion as a key to either understanding or enlightenment.  So I do not see haiku as the fulfillment of any religious ideal.  Rather, to me, it is a minimalist intellectual exercise attempting to capture in words some small but meaningful aspect of life or nature.  I appreciate the discipline imposed by the limits of the form, and see that as part of the challenge.

Often, I fail in my attempts to write real haiku - or even senryu - and opt instead for some small bit of structured cleverness.  Such is my ego.  And thus my scattershot responses to the prompts, and reliance on animal props. Sometimes they oonch up the challenge, but they also provide focal points. 

I am in awe of nature, humbled by the universe, and actually do have a spiritual side - though I cannot claim to understand it. Thus my humility. I am a part of the universe, and might even be connected to all things in it.

But it remains beyond my comprehension. 

~ 1 ~

am i a haijin
or just a glib old man
playing with words

~ 2 ~

i please myself
with little word images
are they something more

~ 3 ~

virtual image
on the surface of my tea
universe reversed

~ 4 ~

reflect on nature
emulate the moose and goose
living ego-free

~ 5 ~

moving clouds
seen in dew on spider's web
do not move her


Carpe Diem Special #40


  1. The 3rd and 4th are quite spiritual and I adore orb weaver's haiku. I do not yet fully grasp haiku either. I just know it is a part of me. I do feel connected to the universe in my own limited understanding. No one has the answers. Just am glad you are part of this group.

  2. I'm with you there JzB.
    Just enjoy what you do safe in the knowledge you're not the only one gaining pleasure from your words ;)

  3. It's wonderful to have such good friends in far away places.



  4. Delightful haiku JzB, and thank you for your compliments for my attempt to write like Kikusha-Ni.

  5. Gorgeous I really love the 3rd and I do mean love!

  6. Maggie says, "No one has the answers." Wait! I thought Moose, Goose and Spider knew all things, and by listening to them, we could find our way. Am I mistaken?


  7. ditto.... poet William Logan says: 'Don't think poetry is a religion, It's more important than religion'..... your second haiku reminded me of what the poet Sina Queyras writes: 'Don't write to please, but do please yourself' ..... a couple quotes from some books I'm reading that seemed somewhat appropriate....

  8. No answers, JzB, only questions! And isn't it wonderful that we can each ask the questions in our own way! Keep writing. You add much to this international 'conversation.'

  9. clouds seen on spider webs - I loved that imagery!

  10. My universe is reversed almost daily. I hardly know which end is up--or if there even IS an end!

    Stirring Sugar Clouds

  11. Love the last one! And the virtual image one, really cool :) Here's a link to my page: I'll follow you now!


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