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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Friday Fictioneers

Just discovered Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, via comments at KZ's place.

This week's prompt is the photo shown below, Copyright – Lora Mitchell.

This entry [at exactly 100 words] has to do with Marci, so I suppose the genre is fantasy.

 Photo Copyright Lora Mitchell

 Kaasu Räjähdys*

He took her to a place he loved.

They sat watching for a while as the bubbles rose like clockwork from the bog beyond the river, expanded dramatically in the open air, floated overhead, then exploded, roaring into mutlicolored flaming spheres.

Marci turned to the shape-shifter and said, "Back in my world we have fireworks and geysers.  And swamp gas, I guess, but nothing like this.  It’s like an amazing combination of all three."

He nodded.  "We call them lohikäärme peräaukko kaasu.*"

"That's so beautiful and exotic sounding," she said, starting to feel romantic.  "What does it mean?"

"Dragon farts."

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

* For the exotic language, I went to Google translate, and after a little exploration, I chose Finnish, only because it looks and sounds just the way Marci described it.  Don't take this literally.  The shape shifter is most definitely not a Finn.  The title means "Gas Explosion."

Marci's Thread


  1. Too funny!! Well done and welcome. I look forward to more writing farts from you in future and I'm not just blowing hot air. :-)

  2. hahaha omg that was hilarious.. first, the description was so lovely then boom! lol

  3. Well... a new Fictioneer... Welcome! Funny story and fun sense of humor. I made the mistake of going to the 'Marci' link at the top to see who Marci was before reading... Thanks a lot! I was forced to read five stories before tearing myself away...

  4. I like a good 'come down' at the end. Perfect!

  5. Very funny!
    I am glad you decided to join Friday Fictioneers!

  6. Dear Jazz,
    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. In reading your profile I'd say you'll fit in just fine with us.Thanks for the early morning chuckle.
    Internally tall Rochelle

  7. Oh, welcome, welcome, welcome!

    What a wonderful way to join Friday Fictioneers. Loved you story to death and am still smiling after my chuckles died away. Good job and thanks. Hope very much to read more of your work.



  8. Hah! I loved that ending - made me laugh.

  9. Thank you for your recent comments on my story, "Cheers". I found your reply in my spam but learned it was not really 'spam' and am responding to it. I do indeed welcome all comments and appreciate what you have said. Here is why I wrote what I did and why I call it a "tribute" to those who have died this way. One day, some day we all will die some way. It matters not when or how, but we will. Whether by a gunshot from one's murderous intent, cancer, or even natural causes from old age, we die. As a Christian who has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, my Savior, I know where I will go and it in its self is the most comforting thing I can think of and knowing I am ready for that moment whenever my time has come to leave this world. In my story that person who dies is also a born again Christian who is taken home to His Savior, Jesus Christ. I believe for those who have died in such a way to violence or whatever way it is comforting to know they have gone home to Heaven. I am so sorry and grieve for those who do not, but we all have a choice where we will go when we die. It is up to each and every individual where he goes when that time comes. I believe those 20 children who died in the recent shooting massacre in Conn. are in heaven as they were so young and may not have been old enough to be accountable for their decision and comprehend what salvation is all about. God knows our heart, and when we can understand and comprehend salvation and our choices. I realize this is a deep and sensitive subject to talk about. My heart aches for those lost, but I rejoice for those who live with Christ.

  10. Thanks for the greetings and kind words. If you explore this site you'll find a lot more of this kind of stuff, along with lots of haiku.

    But Ted has already made that mistake . . .


  11. Your story is funny. Lighthearted fun. Good.

  12. jemj -

    Your comment popped up while I was posting mine.

    I do not share your belief, but I do understand it.

    The tragedy of wasted life is magnified when the victims are so young. In desperate times, people take whatever comfort they can, and I hope there is some solace for the grieving families.


  13. hahaha, liked this a lot. "Swamp gas" and "dragon farts!"

  14. Hehe.. That was really funny. Had my share of laughs. Liked your interpretation on the pic.

  15. Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. Hope to see you back here again. I liked the mystical quality of your story. Very inventive. Ron

  16. And peace and good will to you, also, and a very safe, happy new year.

  17. Dear JzB,
    I read your comment on Perry's blog and wanted to get over here and see what all the fuss was about. Welcome to Fictioneers! Your story was a real gas and I look forward to reading more from you.

  18. excellent! completely unexpected.

  19. good one! Just like French, it always sounds better.

  20. From now on "lohikäärme peräaukko kaasu" shall be my good luck charm. Bet it's impossible to ever insult anyone in that language!

    Funny piece, glad you joined up.

  21. Hello.. Welcome aboard. I hope you like our little gang.
    I love your post. Good humor! Who would have thought what those balls of fire works were! Nice! :)

  22. Hilarious JZB but of course your fiction would be! I'm tempted to start writing fiction just to keep up with your writings. BTW How come you don't have an email sign up on your blog? The I could follow you!Fireworks
    PS I don't like the noise of fireworks either!


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