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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Carpe Diem # 107 -- Children

Our Grandchildren, taken 4/13/12

My lovely wife and I have a blended family.  Her two sons and my son and daughter have blessed us with the eleven grandchildren you can see in the picture.  We've been taking kids-on-the-couch pictures since there were only three of them, over a decade ago.  Now they spill off on all sides.

On the couch, from the left: Rebekka, Ryan, Nate, Abby, Josh, Amanda, Danny and Alexa.  On the floor: Samantha, Emily and Lauren.

We have eleven
Beautiful, smart talented
Grandchildren to share

~  ~  ~  ~ ~

Dancers and athletes
Thespians and musicians
They fill us with pride

~  ~  ~  ~ ~
I am thankful for
Our children - and that they brought
Us these grandchildren

 ~  ~  ~  ~ ~


  1. that's an adorable picture... beautiful and talented ^^

  2. Love and pride every day! Each one with his/her own colours to brighten up the day.
    Beautiful photo - just like the haiku, JzB :)

  3. each one a beautiful and unique flower for your garden of life..congrats

  4. This is so full of filial love! Enjoyed it!

  5. You are blessed with a lovely family ~ great haiku `

    Carol of: A Creative Harbor ^_^

  6. unknowingly, my eyes filled with tears...I never had children, and your joy, love, and pride in these kids was so moving...

  7. So nice and the pride in grandchildren is great. :-)


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