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Saturday, January 5, 2013

VisDare #1

This picture strikes me as being pretty much intractable.  I've pondered it for a few days, and this is not only the best I can come up with, it's ALL I can come up with.

And I usher in the new and improved 150 word limit by using a paltry 45.

Lo siento.

Sure, and I've had some bad dates before.

And maybe this isn't even the first time I've been left out on a ledge by one of 'em.

But I never thought I'd ever get stood up by some flighty girl what calls 'erself Mary Poppins!

1 comment:

  1. LOL! Sometimes "less is more," even in storytelling! The snapshot transforms (for me) the man's face from upward hope into momentary shock - perhaps he watching her soar away! It directs the reader back to the photo and lets them wonder about a whole new layer of meaning hinted by the man's posture.

    Sorry this one didn't fire the imagination quite as well as the others; perhaps the next one will grab you more fiercely! :)


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