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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

VisDare 2

Leon's Great Adventure
[119 words]

Leon was one spaced-out kid.

I never realized how much until he actually did it.

He told me this was a trick he'd been working on, but I never believed him.  You wouldn't 've either.  You know that.

"By the big ol' pine tree, down at the corner," he told me, "That's the spot.  That's where it's gonna happen."

Ever the showman, he popped up on one wheel, slowed to a coast [I could never keep my balance like he did] and as he drifted past the tree, he followed his front wheel out of our space into some strange other place where I couldn't follow.

I hope it's better for him there. 

It was a one way trip.


  1. Interesting. I have a bad feeling about his fate, but I'm not really sure why.

  2. HUH. Now I really like this one. If I'm reading you correctly, you've framed the story so that the photograph captures Leon just as his front wheel disappears and begins to pull him right out of this world. Like Sharry, I'm not entirely convinced Leon ended well; but I'm curious all the same of what he crossed into...!

  3. A great story.
    What's more amazing is that I came up with something very similar, even had the same name, and all that before I read yours ..... honest!


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