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Friday, January 18, 2013

Carpe Diem # 99 -- Love Story

My haiku relates not to the movie, but to my own life.

Two lovers parted
Years later found each other
Old love new again

A different, longer poem I wrote about it ended this way

What great surprise to find I loved you still
And greater still that you loved me

Yesterday was our 22nd anniversary.
It's been the best third of my life.

Now you know.

Carpe Diem #99


  1. Congratulations on the anniversary and thank you for sharing these lovely words :)

  2. oh i knew! i knew cos u mentioned it before.. your story, so beautiful! ^^

  3. I actually know a couple to whom this happened to. They had dated in high school but went their separate ways post graduation only to reunite 20 years later.They are now married and expecting a child. Hurrah for love!

  4. Nothing can be more awesome... lucky man.. If I will meet my old love now... she would meet me with her son! :)

  5. 22 wonderful for you and your Mrs. May you have many more

  6. Blessings to you both! May the 22 years stretch out to another 22, so you can enjoy your love to the fullest!

    Shadowy Love Story

  7. Love the second time round brings refreshed eyes and new respect! Namaste to you both!

  8. Thanks, all.

    When we met again, we each had two kids.

    Now we have 11 grandchildren.


  9. Beautiful haiku ... and congrats on your 22th anniversary

  10. What a wonderful poem for your anniversary. Very good.


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