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Monday, January 14, 2013

Carpe Diem #96 -- Embers


Embers still glowing
In the chill of midwinter
Ashes are warm snow

~  ~  ~

A fire's last remnant
Glowing in the still darkness
When night has fallen

~  ~  ~

The faint glow smolders
If fire leaves a memory
Those thoughts are embers

~  ~  ~

The fire still endures
And the warm glow yet remains
We are old lovers

 ~  ~  ~


  1. I like that last haiku. 'we're old lovers' what a nice line ... everlasting love is the strongest way to love each other. Thank you for sharing this gem on Carpe Diem.

  2. Very picturesque, JzB. "Ashes are warm snow" stays on the back of my mind even when I have got to the last haiku. Ese

  3. omg that last haiku is so so so sweet! ^^ melted my heart

  4. Wonderful contrasts with snow, and ember as the warmth in a relationship..

  5. fabulous and hot, this set ..... the first is my favorite - another poster likened white embers to snow, and this visual is haunting me now....

  6. These are fabulous. I like the last one most of all too. "Old lovers"

  7. Beautiful, descriptive haiku! But I especially loved the sensitive reflection of:
    If fire leaves a memory
    Those thoughts are embers...


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