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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Three Word Wednesday CCCXI

 Three words for TWW CCCXI:


A Vignette [or is 
It a morality play?]
Told in Haiku Form

Into the vacant
House crept the pair so focused
On the physical

~  ~

Yes she drank too much
He was focused on her pair
Her eyes were vacant

 ~  ~

Focused on the wrong
Target this vacant pair missed
A chance to find - what

~  ~

A pair of strangers
Now they pass focused on the
Distant horizon

~  ~

Why have I focused
On this pair of vacant souls
What is their message


  1. Indeed... what is there message? I suppose they'll continue the search, eh?

  2. Perhaps they should have checked out the vacant house first before they got down to it.

  3. Vacant souls...seems like there must be some message there....


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