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Monday, August 11, 2014

Carpe Diem #537, Truth

This month at CD we are exploring concepts extracted from Khalil Gibran's "Sand and Foam."

Today's prompt is TRUTH, and here are some of Gibran's relevant aphorisms.

[...] "I am ignorant of absolute truth, but I am humble before my ignorance, and therein lies my honor and my reward". [...]

[...] "Many a doctrine is like a window pane. We see truth through it, but it divides us from truth". [...]

[...] "Should you care to write (and only the saints know why you should) you need to have knowledge of the art and magic of the music of words, the art of being artless and the magic of loving your readers". [...]

[...] "When you reach the heart of life you shall find beauty in all things, even in the eyes that are blind to beauty". [...]

I'm not at all sure I've connected with the notion of truth as it appears to Gibran.  But here are my thoughts, humbly presented for your consideration.

ignorance wins
protecting false dogma
denying the truth


peer deep
to the core of my soul
do you still love me



moose and goose
in a lake by the woods
that is their truth


honest webbing
trap for the unwary
in plain sight


UPDATE after reading Ese's

 in the mirror
looking for myself
i see my father



  1. Wonderful series of 'truth' haiku and of course, my favorite is the simplicity of moose and goose's truth ~ xoxox

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  2. peer deep
    to the core of my soul
    do you still love me

    Very subtle and most effective way of eliciting the truth from someone dear to oneself. Great write JzB!


  3. I think I've fallen, unwary, into that trap more than once!

  4. the last one.. very good.. those moments exist.


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