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So I started including her with this post on 2/07. A week later on the 14th, Mark Readfern
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Carpe Diem #539, Trees

Old Horse Chestnut in my Yard 
it will be coming down soon

Only mid-August, but the leaves have been brown and falling for weeks

Cracks in trunk and branch, and a sad face I never noticed until just now

Bark split and peeling

this sad old tree 
not dead yet but on the way 
getting the mercy


why do you frown at me
the old gods weep


{Mystic inspiration

what fallen angels
lurk in that tangled thicket
hiding from the light

[one more time]

 those who ate the fruit
of the tall tree of knowledge
regretted the taste


  1. I wonder what would happen today if we ate from the tree of knowledge? Would the story turn out differently?

    1. There is so much we would have to unlearn.


  2. Poor old tree :(
    A terrible decision, to have to fell a much-loved tree.
    A great series in tribute --

  3. great series, preparing for the inevitable, ends are always most difficult.

  4. A great quartet! Love the image of Angels hiding in tangled thickets - makes me wonder: is the undergrowth real or metaphorical?

  5. If those lumps are burl - (not just limb joints) the wood worker I spoke with said that that type of wood is what craftsfolk look for when making a unique bowl. Not quite enough of ours for furniture...maybe if it were dried, and cut properly. But alas most of it will most likely be fuel.

    1. Alas, the lumps are at least partly hollow - so no good for anything.

  6. An apple a day -- I try my best to be wise..

  7. There is a lot we already know, but is that the knowledge which wished for? What if we could turn back the clock and Eve didn't ate from the tree ... than we didn't know about haiku ... would be a shame

    1. We would still come to know things through experience
      And poetry is par of being human
      Perhaps not specifically haiku
      But we would still have poetic expression



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