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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Carpe Diem's "Little Creatures" #2, "I dreamed I was a butterfly" (Soshi)

In the following haiku Wafu was inspired by a piece of poetry by Soshi (Chuangtse) who says the following:

 [...] "Long ago I, Chuangtse, dreamed I was a butterfly, flitting about lightly on if I were really one, happily following my fancies. Suddenly awakening, again I was in the form of Chuangtse. Was it a case of Chuangtse dreaming he was a butterfly, or is it now that a butterfly is dreaming that it is Chuangtse? I do not know". [...]

cho kiete tamashii ware ni kaeri keri

 the butterfly having disappeared, 
my spirit 
came back to me 

© Wafu 

This is true, though:

on my fingertip
the soft touch of a monarch ~
many years ago


~ I see the butterfly as a symbol of finding once again that which was lost ~
~ And I see the echoes of this in my own life ~

 in the wilderness
wandering for many years ~
now a butterfly


in butterfly dreams
i soar through space and time ~
spirit regained


[Moondust inspiration]

i in butterfly
or butterfly in me ~

Carpe Diem's "Little Creatures" #2, "I dreamed I was a butterfly" (Soshi)


  1. Oh Im glad you included the metamorphosis because it was profound.
    You tell much of life's experience through this colorful creature


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