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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Carpe Diem Ghost Writer #21, Hamish Gunn's Imagination GW-post

Our assignment is to write haiku inspired by the photo provided by Hamish.  I also looked into rowan lore and mythology.  My last of these three humble offerings belongs in an imaginary world that you might recognize.

leaf and berry
relic of an eagle's strife
still the tree grows old



rowan wood staff
stranger to knife's edge
my ward and guide


weeping carved face
on the sacred weirwood tree
how will you judge me


UPDATE after reading Bjorn's

 silly waxwings
under berry influence
flying high.



  1. Love them.. and especially the update. They can be quite stupid when they are intoxicated.

  2. Intriguing - that last one has real power, interacting with your haiku, very clever.

  3. Flying high, indeed! Great pun.

    I especially like the third haiku -- sometimes you can see faces in the tortured bark and broken limbs on older trees -- as if they're watching and judging us -- very, very nice haiku!

  4. love this series ...

    flying high ...
    one berry too many
    rowan foolish birds


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