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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

O He! O Death!

Today's real challenge from the imaginary garden, inspired by the Robin William's movie Dead Poet Society is to compose something using at least three of these words taken from the dialog of the film.

 worm, verse, dreams, suck, rout, daring, caution, seize, dead, desperation, barbaric, noble

Apparently, Williams was bipolar, and the demons he battled in his imagination were very real.  In the end they won.

And  now I'm thinking of someone else.  The daughter of one of my friends, a talented singer and musician, committed suicide just before her 22nd birthday. Both parents were deeply involved in trying to help her, and she was receiving professional care.

She promised to call her father before doing anything drastic

Yet, when the moon was darkest, instead of reaching out, she picked up a gun.

Such pain for everyone.


o desperation
you suck the dream from my life
the life from my dream


caution be damned
the noble barbaric fight
ends in a rout


daring the worm earth
now with no more days to sieze
so ends the verse


Imaginary Garden With Real Toads


  1. That desperation.. so close to the surface

  2. The Red Knight did indeed catch Robin in the end. And I am so sorry about your friend's daughter.

    Your first haiku is especially powerful --
    All the best to you.

  3. finely woven. your friend's daughter must have felt so, too, deeply. thanks for adding your voice ~

  4. Oh you totally nailed it with your verses. So sad the desperate struggle some brilliantly talented souls go through.

  5. These are perfectly composed ... Spare, powerful.

  6. Desperation, I have known it too well...fantastic write!!

  7. Very true. Your haikus all capture it brilliantly.


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