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Monday, August 18, 2014

Carpe Diem's Kamishibai #10, "departing summer"

Plus - as an afterthought, and at no extra charge - Open Link Monday from The Imaginary Garden, where Magaly shares a slice of her life, so now I will share a quite different slice of mine.

Back to regularly scheduled programing.

Kamishibai is storyteller in Japanese.

For today's theme we each tell our story as a haibun - a two part written form consisting of a prose section and an accompanying haiku.
The rules:
1. A maximum of 100 words;
2. the haiku has to follow a few of the the classical rules:
       a. 5-7-5 syllables;
       b. season word;
       c. cutting word (interpunction);
       d. interchangeable first and third line


For two days every week this summer we have had my daughter's two kids, and usually one or more of their cousins with us.  This is the last week, and today is the next to last day. The cousins have enjoyed being together, and having them around has made these days more fun for us as well.

But now school will be starting soon, and everyone will be back in a different routine.  This reminds me of my own childhood, and how the whine of cicadas announced that summer was ending and soon we would be back in school.  [99 words]

Cousin Samantha, Nate and Emily

cousins' last play day
bittersweet experience (-)
whine of cicadas


Imaginary Garden With Real Toads


  1. You made it look so easy - how the form held the story and emotion with such grace and ease!

  2. bridge -

    Thank you for those kind words.


  3. The end of summer -- always so sad -
    I really enjoyed this haibun. Locusts do *scream* the end of the summer, don't they?

  4. summer's end...there is much whining Love it!

  5. Beautiful haibun...the story blended so well with your haiku and I could feel the mixed feelings of ending fun times of play and getting back to school.

  6. Nice story JzB what a joy to see that photo of your family, makes this more personal. Thank you!

  7. The last line evokes their sadness! Very nice.

  8. Beautiful... and what wonderful memories made.

  9. I love your marrying of prose and poetry, especially when one of the halves is a haiku!

    I'm closing my eyes, and listening to the "whine of cicadas" announce the coming of fall. ;-D

  10. what a nice snippet into the melancholy of parting.. only cicadas know

  11. Nice smooth flow to this. It is almost like a conversation.


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