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Friday, August 1, 2014

Carpe Diem #529 Footprints

I have no reason, nor even an excuse for my long hiatus from Carpe Diem, and certainly, I'm out of practice.

I have been busy, and making a lot of music, but that's nothing new.  Anyway - here I am.  For at least one day.

Our oldest granddaughter, Amanda, spent a week in New York with the Rockettes, then the following two weeks at the Cecchetti Ballet Council of America Summer Intensive at Hope College here in Michigan.

But all that is in the past now, so I wonder .  .  .

in quiet darkness
does the stage floor remember
feeling dancers' feet


with every new step
an implicit decision
to turn or go straight


in damp forest leaves
a scurrying brown squirrel
startles moose and goose


a thin strand quivers
at the touch of six small feet
orb weaver's delight 



  1. These are wonderful -- I'm enjoying the orb weaver's delight -- but I'm especially enjoying your wonderful, mysterious first poem -- !

  2. It is wonderful to have you back, JzB - moose and goose were missed! :)
    Does the stage floor remember...makes me wonder...and wander...

  3. No excuses needed JzB ... i am glad to see you here again ... you, and moose, goose and spider were missed. Hope all is well ... What a wonderful series of haiku you have shared. Your first is awesome and mysterious, but your last is really my favorite ... Namaste

  4. I wondered where you were...and here you are--in excellent form! Thank you for these little gems, especially the stage floor, which I am sure remembers all those scuffling feet.

  5. Namaste, my friends.

    Thank you for the visits and the kind words.



  6. Delightful to see you here, whenever you are able.

    Ah, I see what you mean - the stage and steps, like walls having ears :)

    The form I used I was told was a renga, basically two haiku with two lines of 7 syllables in the middle. Sometimes when a single ku is not enough to tell the story I extend it. Thank you for your visit and kind words.

    Continued success with the music you make, instrumental or otherwise :)


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