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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Six Word Saturday


  1. Loves me a good road trip. I'da taken a turn at the wheel, if you'da invited me.

  2. Hope you had a good time along the way!

  3. Hecky thump! :) Hope it was worth it.

  4. Hope the destination was worth the drive!

  5. And you didn't see one 'mountain'.
    Nice six words, JxB, you make us wonder where you are headed?
    For us six hours is from the north end of Houston (our home) to through Dallas on to Oklahoma city, north end, and stop for gas and a bite.
    Their gas should be around $3.00 because ours here is $3.09.

  6. Thanx, friends -

    We were coming home from visiting family near Philly.

    The six words are a hot link to another post on the trip.


  7. whew- 350 miles is about as far as we like to go in a day! Have a fun time!


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