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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Carpe Diem #114 - Mariachi

Music conceived in a vocal and/or stringed instrument tradition tends toward sharp rather than flat keys.  Flat keys do not lie as comfortably on stringed instruments.  So, a great deal of classical music is written in keys like G, D, and A (1,2, and 3 sharps.)  Mariachi music [like blue grass] can be in even more remote keys like E and B (4 and 5 sharps - or "sharks" as we jazz guys call them.)

Brass instruments are comfortable in keys containing a few flats.   Jazz and concert band music is generally written in flat Keys like F and Bb.  The sharp keys can be daunting.  Besides jazz, I've been playing in a symphony orchestra for the last decade and have gotten pretty comfortable swimming with the sharps.

Mariachi brass
They play in such awkward keys
Easier for strings

~  :  ~

Powerful singers
Violins and guitars flow
Rippling trumpets

~  :  ~

Mariachi sounds
Bright joyful music rises
South of the border

~  :  ~

Mariachi play
Joyful music fills the air
Even the moose dance

 ~  :  ~

Carpe Diem # 114


  1. Forget the moose--I want to see a goose dance! :)

  2. Informative and fun post and delightful haiku ~ love the 'moose' dance' south of the border ~
    Carol of A Creative Harbor on blogger ^_^

  3. I love the idea of moose dance!

  4. Beautifully composed series of haiku on Mariachis. All are nice, but the third touched me deep.

  5. Again with the moose haha my favorite is your third haiku.. it has captured a truly vibrant celebration ^^

  6. Gracias, amigos.

    I thought this would be a difficult prompt, but with a little thought it flowed.

    MMT -
    Listeners all dance
    Moose and squirrel lead the way - Goose
    Ducks out for a beer


  7. Wow, great haiku and a music lesson too. Tank you :)

  8. I love the visual of moose dancing... You got me on that one. :-)

  9. Fantastic music! South of the border has that mystic play of latin music that I love. It's a joy to listen coupled with the violin ensemble, here! Thanks for sharing Jazzbumpa!


  10. Isn't an awkward key better than no key at all?

    Drunk Mariachi

  11. Never really cared for such music, but it definitely is bright and joyful...Just thinking -have I ever seen a moose dance?

  12. Love the spirit in them! I can almost hear the music...the musicians and singers nearing :)

  13. First, thank you for the education. Secondly i really like your musical description
    And then finally (leaving haiku)

    If you ever se a dancing moose
    It's likely cause you been drinking booze
    You should take a nap
    and before getting up
    Stay down and enjoying the snooze


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