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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Carpe Diem # 118 - Stork

It seems that only a few places in North America are home to storks.  But we still have the legend of storks bringing babies.  I suppose that traveled over from Europe with our ancestors.  Or maybe the stork brought it.

What the stork brings
Can be a blessing from God
Or a rude surprise

~  :  ~

When the stork brought me
It was icy December
Dropped me on my head

~  :  ~

When the stork plays games
And parents are so flustered
The cuckoo gets blamed

~  :  ~

Stork in the arctic
Delivers a parrot egg
A Tern for the worse

~  :  ~  :  ~  :  ~

Goose flies with the stork
Moose broods beneath his antlers
What will come of this

~  :  ~  :  ~  :  ~


  1. Dropped me on my head - haha
    lovin' the humor in your set of haiku ^^

  2. Masterful as usual : )

  3. A Tern for the that :)

  4. I'm especially chuckling over the tern for the worse!


  5. I know I commented before and it is not showing up ~ Well here it is again ~ Your set of haiku are delightful ~ always brings a smile ~

    Carol of: (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  6. Thanks, all.

    Carol - I checked my spam filter and there's nothing there.


  7. Hilarious, JzB! And you gave us so many witty offerings at one go!. Thanks for sharing!


  8. you show such a mastery of both the art of haiku and art of comedic verse....and love that photo!

  9. The spark of humour is always there, JzB! And crafted in your usual masterful way :)

  10. Laughing is great. And dropped on the head, and the moose is always great.

    goose think like stork
    carrying the calf of moose
    heavy burden

  11. Beautifully crafted sereies of haiku on 'stork'. Thank you for sharing JzB

  12. That photo and your haiku had me smiling. Great post! :-)


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