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Friday, February 22, 2013

Crpe Diem #128 - Castle

Pictures At An Exhibition, originally written for piano, is one of my all-time favorite compositions.  I was thrilled to have an opportunity to perform the meaty bass trombone part in Ravel's brilliant orchestration a couple of years ago.  There are no trombones in The Old Castle section, but I absolutely love it.  Strangely, it features an alto saxophone.

Leaving nothing to chance, I'll point out that this is NOT the orchestra I play in

Within this moat
Rock hard I will not yield
Instead I'll starve


The old castle
Moss and tumbled broken stones
Ghosts left long ago

Rock pile
Once a proud fortress
Cold rain falls

Moose opens King Pawn
Goose plays odd Sicilian
Castles on Queen side

Orbital web
Strands stronger than steel
Weaver's castle


Carpe Diem # 128


  1. A wonderful weave on things 'castle' including chess strategies! nicely JzB!


  2. Oh I bet you are a great chess player, JzB! Thanks for a whirlwind tour of the castles of your mind, not unlike the windmills of your mind!!:)

  3. kaykoula - thanks


    I'm actually quite a bad chess player. I blame it on poor visual acuity. Often, after losing, I'd say, "I didn't see that coming."

    And maybe that's why castles look so much like windmills . . .


  4. I trust that the chess game between Moose and Goose will continue in tomorrow's episode!

    Castle Fence

  5. Ahhh - don't hold your breath on the chess game



  6. Nice!
    How did I not think of chess?

    She called rooks castles
    I never corrected her
    They moved just the same


  7. Ghosts left long ago --- truly makes the castle a sad place..
    Rock pile
    Once a proud fortress -- my favorite
    but that first haiku, is amazing, how you captured royal pride

  8. Do ghosts really leave old, broken-down castles, or are you just hoping that's the case? :)

    Building Sand Castles

  9. With the 2nd and third the idea is of a ruins so ancient and thoroughly destroyed that even the ghosts gave up.

    Thanks for the comments


  10. Wonderful all variations on castle.. I also learned something, I had always thought that Pictures on an exhibiton was Mussorgsky, but that was apparently the piano piece that Ravel put in orchestration... :-) very nice.

  11. the chess references were totally lost on me, but the rest was super...the cold rain falling chilled did the ghosts, of course....

  12. fortress ruins
    something mossy tumbles
    into the moat


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