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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Carpe Diem #120 - Vanity

Image Source [though I can't find it there]

We have a similar - but not identical - piece in our bedroom
A hand-me-down from my lovely wife's grandmother

A triple mirror
To see my best from all sides
Lovely furniture

~  :  ~

At her vanity
She asks, "Who is the fairest?"
In her vanity

~  :  ~

Among all people
I like me - who do you like?
Of course it's "me too"

~  :  ~

Who else could love me
As well as I love myself
Vain love not in vain

~  :  ~  :  ~  :  ~

In triple mirror
Moose admires his own fine rack
Goose preens like pin up

~  :  ~  :  ~  :  ~


  1. I almost spit my tea all over my computer.... and that was only after reading the first verse! You have nailed it from every angle. Thank you for a hilarious visit!!

  2. Moose admires his rack eh ..lovely

  3. Those were the days they made sensible and beautiful pieces of furniture, that lasted usual, you have approached the topic from many angles, and each one shows your 'congenital smart-ass' status!

  4. Glad to see that Moose is still around ~ wonderful humorous haiku!

    Carol of (A Creative Habor) on blogger ^_^

  5. Just don't eat any fruit she offers :)

  6. Vain love not in vain -- very very true!! not wrong to love oneself excessively at all ^^
    i love the reference to the Evil Queen in Snow White as well - can't believe that slipped my mind ^^
    and LOL at the triple mirror, an excellent piece of furniture indeed hahaha

  7. Nice series JzB ... full of humor and big smiles.I like the third ...

  8. I enjoyed this thoroughly.... Especially the last one. Such fun! :-)

  9. Always a big chuckle visiting your pages.


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