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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

VisDare 7 - Secret

This is not a follow-up to last week's effort.  Just a simple little stand-alone in 149 words.

Surprise - the lock made no sound when I turned the bulky key.

Nor was there a screech from the hinges as the ancient door swung effortlessly open.

The moonlight streaming through the open doorway was all I needed to survey the vast riches in this crypt.

A jeweled brooch.

A golden cup.

A Mithril dagger worth more than even I could imagine.

They all went silently into my pouch.

The residents here had no more need of them.

Soon I would be like a King – one of these ancient Kings, whose crypts are supposedly protected by powerful curses.

What’s this?  Aha - a purse of gold coins.

There was no sound but the slight whisper of the wind, like an old lover’s sigh.

Then it caught the door, and slammed it shut with a crash that would wake the dead.

Oh great gods  .  .  .  the DEAD.

~  :  ~  :  ~   

As a haiku

 Stealing from the dead
Risky business any time
Then an ill wind blows


  1. Very nice. The Dead, indeed. I'm glad I don't have to witness his fate.

    No haiku?

  2. I forgot to add a haiku.

    Too many things at once, alas.


  3. Ah, yes, a very appropriate haiku. Thanks for writing it :)

  4. Love the last line. And the haiku! :)

  5. Wonderful.

    These pictures are indeed good for darker stories.

  6. Talk about a cliffhanger! Great suspenseful piece. Love that the tension builds throughout, even though the danger doesn't become apparent till the very end. Another VisDare triumph! :)

  7. Loved the build up and it's great that you left us hanging as to his fate :)

  8. Thanks all.

    There's very little doubt as to his fate.



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