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Monday, February 4, 2013

Carpe Diem Special #20 - Flowering Branch of the Plum

Inspirational Haiku

The flowering branch of the plum
Gives its scent
To him who broke it off

~  :  ~  :  ~

My humble attempts

When I kiss the cook
No matter the wine I drink
I smell of garlic

~  ~

Adulterer bathes
Water cannot wash away
The musk of passion

~  ~

One night long ago
Old vows broken new ones made
I still remember

 ~  ~

 Long years of pursuit
One life of fear one of hate
Javert's suicide

 ~  ~

Ask not for whom
The cherry blossoms weep
They weep for you

~  ~ 

 After a day of 
Delights what aroma lingers
What memories endure

 ~  ~


  1. wow the first two haiku are really powerful. . it also made me smile to read a haiku about Les Mis ^^

  2. Thanks for a rollicking ride through your psyche today! I loved the garlic haiku. Reminded me of a certain garlic pizza my husband and I ate one night a long time ago!

  3. All lovely mixture of humor and pathos, Jazz. Love the first one best. I can see it.

  4. You make your readers sit up and take notice. All are gems packed in short words.

    I also admire your poetic replies you post on other blogs. true creative expression!

  5. Wow! Delightful and playful ~ You are a delight! ~

    Carol of: A Creative Harbor ^_^

  6. The first one is hilarious. I really love that type of humor.

  7. Powerful series of haiku ... JzB these are a treat.

  8. I love the haiku for this week; makes it easy to navigate.


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