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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Carpe Diem Special #24, Butterfly by Chiyo-Ni

Inspirational Haiku:

In mid-flight
the butterfly returns
to the pines of Shiogoshi Shrine

Monarch Migration Map
Source: MonarchWatch

Picture from Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Monarch butterflies really do migrate, between Mexico and Canada.  Where I live, not far from Lake Erie, which straddles the U.S. - Canada border, Monarchs are a common sight in the last half of Summer.   For a few days in Autumn, when the Monarchs cluster to start their long trip from Point Pelee, a peninsula jutting far into Lake Erie from the north, it's a great tourist attraction and photo-op.

No. 2 is a real incident that happened about 50 years ago.

~ 1 ~

from Point Pelee
monarch crossing Lake Erie
dreams of Mexico

~ 2 ~

monarch butterfly
lands on my finger tip
I do not crush it

~ 3 ~

beautiful insect
a colorful visual
as you flutter by

~ 4 ~

butterfly haven
safety with both moose and goose

~ 5 ~

emerge from silk
fly free on the wind
avoid the silk web

~~ :|: ~~


  1. Nicely composed haiku series JzB. I love the 2nd.

  2. wonderful, great that you only admired but didn't crush such beauty

  3. Um, I'm pretty sure geese snack on insects, so why not munch on monarch butterflies as well? Just askin'...

    Butterfly Seeking Nectar

  4. The second one reminds me of an experience I had out west. Several butterflies landed on my shoulder, mt chest and on my back. I was wearing a flowered dress! It was wonderful to become a flower if only for an instant!

  5. #2 is very classic. You sounded like Basho or Buson! Well done!

  6. I love the composition of each haiku. A beautiful snapshot in the life of a butterfly.

  7. I've learned from Lolly today that the Monarch carries the dead away during the Mexican festival of the dead and now I have more wonderful words about them - thank you :)

  8. I'm dreaming of Mexico, and I'm not even a butterfly!

    In Mid-Flight

  9. As long as the silk web is avoided, it is safe. Even in the company of moose and goose. :)

  10. The second is just brilliant. One of your best ever. ;-)


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