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From Moose, Goose, and Orb Weaver
All seized by Haiku

"Why moose and goose?" you may ask. Back on 2/04/13 Pirate wrote a haiku with an elk in it, and I responded with
one with a moose and then included him every day. A few days later in comments Mystic asked "Where's the goose?"
So I started including her with this post on 2/07. A week later on the 14th, Mark Readfern
asked for and received a spider. The rest is history.

*Well, most days, anyway. Grant me a bit of poetic license.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Carpe Diem # 123 - Bells

Blue Bells of Scotland

Blue Bells of Scotland 
Old song of woodland flowers 
From a trombone bell 

~  :  ~  :  ~

 From a high tower
Bells ring for us a signal
New joy or sorrow

~  :  ~  :  ~

 Hear ye - Hear ye well
On the Main Street of our town
Crier rings his bell

~  :  ~  :  ~

Moose looks familiar
His sad long face rings a bell
Goose goes in disguise

~  :  ~  :  ~

In an old brass bell
Clapper bound up in silk threads
Spider spins its web

 ~  :  ~  :  ~

The Sound of Bells 

 Dancing on the strings
La guitarista's fingers
Spider on silk thread

~  :  ~  :  ~

Carpe Diem #123


  1. You've outdone yourself here, especially with the song pouring out of the trombone bell, and the spider weaving in the brass bell. A true haiku-ist!

    Godsong Bell

  2. Trombones, guitars, poems,
    a goose, a moose, spiders too
    must be JzB's !

    Great fun post and wonderful music! Thanks.

  3. You and your haiku are a treasure ~ I love the moose and so glad you included him/her again ~ delightful 'bell haiku' ~ ^_^

  4. Beautiful series. Every haiku a little gem.

  5. Wonderful and joyful. I truly like it.

  6. great fav being the spider web tangling the clapper....wonderful image

  7. wow plenty of gems in this series! i love these tow the most Old song of woodland flowers and...Clapper bound up in silk threads... and the moose haha always with the moose .lol

  8. So many wonderful bells ringing here.


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