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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Carpe Diem #287, Shinryoo (new coolness)

~ 1 ~

how we long for nights
without air conditioning
those breezy windows

~ 2 ~

passing on the street
he sees his new ex-girl friend
ice on her shoulders


~ 3 ~

never quite with it
following last year's fashion
chasing the new cool


Carpe Diem #287


  1. Ha! Very good! I always get a cold because I keep the windows open as long as I can into fall.... one night the temperature drops and I wake up freezing!

  2. I love your exploration into the different meanings of this. Delightful bunch.

  3. A delightful group as always JzB...Bravo.
    I gave up chasing cool a long time ago....just after I had kids if I recall correctly ;)

    New Coolness

  4. Icy shoulders are the ones to be avoided at all costs!

    Cooling Breezes

  5. a tres cool set...we live close to a highway so the a/c is nearly always on..I'd love to open windows, but I'd let in dirt and noise...

  6. Ohh those icy shoulders.. love that one.. never any a/c here though

  7. Strolling down the coolest lane on Carpe Diem. Nice perspective of cool, JzB!

  8. Great series JzB ... that first one does it to me ... it's so strong in it's feeling of longing to the new coolness of autumn. Well penned.

  9. I love your idea of writing on different meanings. Love that second one!


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