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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Carpe Diem #306, Chooyoo (Chrysanthemum Festival)

Mum's the word

I used this picture of the chrysanthemums at my doorstep just a few days ago.  It's from Nov. 1, last year.   I just took a look at the plant a few minutes ago.  There are three or four blossoms open now, and dozens of buds that are not yet ready to pop.

I'm quite taken with the idea of chrysanthemums and a long life.

chrysanthemum dew
sipping the fountain of youth
for life

My wife's mother died earlier this year.  Both of her parents are buried next to her aunt and uncle.  Their son, her cousin, died of cancer a couple of months ago.  He was a great guy, a wonderful father to his kids, and a loving nephew for my mother-in-law.  He is buried just a few feet away.  My wife placed pots of white chrysanthemums at their graves.  So this haiku is tinged with sadness.

white chrysanthemums
placed at her cousin's grave side
too late for long life


[with a nod to Wabi]

 moon reflection
white chrysanthemum bouquet
lunar perfume scent


let's drink together
for a long and happy life
chrysanthemum tea


Carpe Diem #306 



  1. Do you have a source for chrysanthemum dew? ;)

    1. cool morning
      high humidity

      probably works better in MI than AZ

  2. And a tip of the hat to you too! Beautiful set today. The first one is so sad and I love the last one.!

  3. Well written set of haiku JzB ... I like the emotion in the ones about your family.

  4. Will you share your tea recipe with me? I mean, do you spike it with anything?;)

    1. a shot of cheap rye whiskey would be just the thing

  5. I love the different moods that your haiku reflect ... well done !!!

  6. Beautiful and sad. Don't know that I've seen white chrysanthemums before. Just the colors. Love the idea of lunar scent. It should be packaged.

  7. Love that white mums haiku.. your whole post is very touching but also a lot of hope...


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