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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Carpe Diem #302, Nowaki (windstorm, field dividing wind)

~ 1 ~

shutters blown open
through the window i see them
rapt in their passion

~ 2 ~

could you sail the beautiful
moon fairy to me

~ 3 ~

too much wind
broken kite tangled strings
the birds are on foot

~ 4 ~

straight line wind
threshing grain before its time
farmers dismay

~ 5 ~

all you haijin
write again of nowaki
re-gale me


Once I lost a tree in my yard to the wind

You can see it here and here


Carpe Diem #302


  1. "Re-gale" LOL. I think of the straight line winds, too. I lived in Minnesota during grad school and those were often more dangerous than the tornadoes.

  2. my dad was a commercial fisherman and would always say 'it's blowin' a gale out there' the walking birds!

  3. What a joy ... you've intwined our yesterday prompt and Nowaki in your second haiku. Those other haiku are great too.

  4. We had quite a blow here I watched the birds holding on for dear life onto branches they are the true storm chasers.
    A great set - a stormy bunch of haijin to be sure

  5. Enjoyed all your haiku, JzB. Make me smile...birds on foot. Love the photo and your first haiku.

  6. I wish I could come up with a witty reply for your #5. Alas, my brain is numb this evening...

    After the Windstorm

  7. Are you sure the shutters weren't wrapped in their passion? Or maybe even rapped? :)

    Howling Autumn Wind

  8. Wow! you are on a roll with the 'wind' with your haiku ~ all wonderful ~ fun photo ~
    carol, xo


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