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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Carpe Diem's Imagination #6, Pablo Picasso's "The Seated Man".

The Seated Man - Picasso

Off on wild tangents I go

~ 1 ~

on the iron throne
the psychopathic child king
speaks cruel justice*

~ 2 ~

from his wheel chair
the ancient artist captures
a moment of fate

~ 3 ~

forlorn last wish
robert gleason junior
selects his own doom

~ 4 ~

guitar on his knee
the master thrills us with notes
from his homeland


*   King Joffrey (Lannister) Baratheon, in case you were wondering.

**  As of this date, Gleason, a compulsive murderer even while in prison, was the most recent criminal to be executed by the electric chair, which he chose over lethal injection.


Carpe Diem's Imagination #6



  1. A nice nod to Game of Thrones there! I'm always glad for footnotes as I wouldn't have known the third one (the murderer). I like all of these.

  2. Joffrey better get off his throne or he's not long for this (or that) world methinks ;)

    lo, the seated man

  3. quite an assortment of men ensconced in their chairs....Yes, Geoffrey needs to go!

  4. Indeed indeed...quite a collection of chaps in chairs!

  5. Very good colloction.. second I love.

  6. Love the term game of thrones for your haiku. You were definitely inspired!

  7. I like these JzB ... I have read the novels of Games of Thrones, but haven't seen the series yet.


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