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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Carpe Diem #301, Meigetsu (Harvest Moon, the full moon of September)

 Moon - One Night Past Full - 7/23/13

For the harvest moon, a lunar fairy tale in haiku form.


in the ripe field
under the bright harvest moon
the lunar fairy


rapt in her beauty
i reach out but she tells me
you are not the one


for four long weeks
i long for her return
clouds cover the moon


each full moon
i get a brief glimpse of her
as she departs


this exquisite pain
my love for the lost fairy
i take to my grave


Carpe Diem #301


  1. What a nice series of haiku on Meigetsu and I like that you've mentioned the moon fairy Kooga. And how we longing all for her.

  2. Sweet sweet story told through your haiku. Lovely, JzB.

  3. "you are not the one"

    If I heard those words...well, it would be like ripping out my heart...

    Harvest Moon

  4. Wow, a whole story and so exquisite. I love the lunar fairy.

  5. Agree with MMT... this is a sad fairy tale indeed! Sad but beautifully told!

  6. Thanks friends.

    This pretty much just spilled out of me.

    The 2nd and last verses took a little polishing work, but not much.

    "You are not the one," is the key to it all.

    And yes - those words rip your heart out.


  7. 'you are not the one' humbling words, and cast a cold light on the fairy..
    Third edition of the Polish International Haiku Competition:
    Winners: 2011 Cynthia Rowe, 2012 Roberta Beary
    Judges: 2011 Jane Reichhold, 2012 Jim Kacian, 2013 George Swede

  8. a lovely and poignant tale of beauty and longing..

  9. This is just perfect. I love the haiku tale... sad and still each haiku stands by itself


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