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Monday, September 2, 2013

Carpe Diem Special #55, O. Mabson Southard's "chanting, the pond's frogs ..."

Inspirational haiku

Chanting, the pond's frogs ...
among the lilies' dark pads -
the twinkle of stars

brown spotted toad  - denizen of my yard

~ 1 ~

Here is a 5-7-5 I wrote for this little guy three years ago

this Amphibian
moved from grass to patio
saved from lawn-mower's bite

~ 2 ~

after the rain storm
thunder fades and croaking starts
the music of frogs

~ 3 ~

dead amphibian
padded under starry skies
tell me why he croaked


Carpe Diem Special #55 



  1. Ha!ha!Loved your take on the 3rd one-great play with words :-)

  2. The 3 moods!2nd is a classic though...

  3. Groan of laughter on the last one!

  4. Thank your for this romp through the swamp, so to speak!! I love those brown spotted toads!

  5. That third haiku is really stunning and full of Zen ... it gives me a strong feeling of emptiness and loneliness ... awesome.

  6. I wonder who has the answer to the conundrum you pose in the last haiku?


  7. It was either going to be you or I (or both) that couldn't resist using croaked :)

  8. Three so different and still of the same choir... The 2nd one stands out for me - beautiful!

  9. your resident frog must have felt flattered that you wrote such marvelous haiku just for him (her?)

  10. Sigh...but i do love how you think ☺

  11. That second one is very classic... I love it


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