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Friday, September 6, 2013

Carpe Diem #291, O-Bon Festival (Bon Festival)

~ 1 ~

the path i walk
a trail blazed by many
over centuries

~ 2 ~

my lost ancestors
lived hard lives of poverty
may their spirits rest

~ 3 ~

not just japanese ~
my wife places flowers
on her family's graves


Carpe Diem #291


  1. Lovely haiku honoring of special people ~ love the quote too ~ carol, xo

  2. makes me think 'nothing new under the sun'...our paths have already been trod upon,,,

  3. trail blazing
    over centuries ...
    ancestral spirit

  4. I loved the connections in the first one to the past and the suggestion of a connection with the future (trail)

  5. It's rather comforting to know that a trail has been blazed for us.


  6. We all honor those who are gone in different ways.

  7. It is a custom in Maine to decorate the graves by Memorial Day and to visit often if they can.
    There are also memorials at the place of a sudden death as in a car accident... and memorials for those who died at sea.
    Very touching.

    Thank you for your thoughtful post.

  8. Lovely... and yes.. here in Sweden we place lantern on the graves at "all-saints day"... around the first of October... now unfortunately the tradition is overtaken by Halloween imported for commercial reasons.

  9. Very nice haiku jzb ... I like this ancestor honoring a lot, here we place mainly flowers on graves, but we also see candles on graveyard.


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