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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Carpe Diem #290, Tooroo (lantern)

~ 1 ~

no lantern illuminates
ancestors' dark past

~ 2 ~

bright lantern in hand
i continue my vain search
for an honest man

~ 3 ~

frogs and crickets
have no need for lanterns
they sing in the dark


Carpe Diem #290


  1. Nice trio. You need a historian for the first one. We are lanterns shining light on the past :)

  2. an honest man can be pretty hard to find,,.

  3. And their music lights up the night air!

  4. Sweet third haiku...made me smile and hear them!

  5. Maybe by now you have found at least an honest woman!

    Spilling Lantern Light

  6. Really nice set of haiku, JzB. Those dark paths of genealogy :)... But frogs and crickets i enjoyed the most.

  7. I'd stick with the frogs & crickets if I were you. That search could be endless my friend ;)

  8. About those ancestors: Sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone!

    Lantern in the Sky

  9. Awesome ... that third is a little gem that makes me feel great and in touch with nature.

  10. quite the set - some search some make music

  11. The second one is so full of deep insight... really loved that one.

  12. Woa...that first one............amazing..shocker..what a powerful haiku


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