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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Haiku Heights #278 ~ Ballet

A chance to do a little bragging

sugar plum vision
a fairie on tiptoes our
granddaughter on stage


tedious to stretch
but keep those muscles limber
detonate in dance


Here is a poem Amanda's middle sister Rebekka wrote 4 years ago
when she was 9


I know a girl
Who loves to loves to dance.
When she dances,
It's almost like she is floating on air.

I know a girl who loves to swim.
When she swims,
It seems like she's flying under water.

I know a girl who likes to dream big dreams.
When she dreams,
She goes to her own land that will always be hers . . .

This girl is . . .
Sweet and,

No girl in the whole world can ever be even close,
Ever be even similar to her.


~ Rebekka


Haiku Heights #278


  1. I love the poem by your sister. Nice haiku!

  2. Yes, you do have a beautiful ballerina! Love the word "detonates" in your haiku.

  3. Your grandchild is a fabulous dancer to give a marvelous performance on stage!! and your other grand child is talented and very loving too to write such beautiful words!! You are lucky to have them around you!! :) Cheers!!

  4. Thanks, friends.

    Beyond lucky;
    I am blessed.


  5. These are so charming and your granddaughter is amazing! You must be so proud =)


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