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Friday, September 27, 2013

Carpe Diem #308, Sake (salmon)

From Krisjaan we learn:

"When the Ainu go salmon fishing they always provide a thick willow stick about two feet long with which to strike the salmon's head and kill it. This stick is called isapa-kik-ni, "the head-striking wood" .... The Ainu say that the salmon do not like being killed with a stone or any wood other than good sound willow, but they are very fond of being killed with a willow stick. Indeed, they are said to hold the isapa-kik-ni in great esteem. If anything else is used, the fish will go away in disgust."

~ 1 ~

salmon come
to my boat - i will kill you
with respect

~ 2 ~

placid salmon
happy to be put to death
with a willow stick

~ 3 ~
eating pink shake
the clear sake in my cup
whacks like willow wood


Carpe Diem #308, Sake (salmon)


  1. I too was troubled by the thought of people thinking something likes to be killed in a certain way.

    the sake hunter
    projecting a love of death

    Mmmm, might add that to my post ;)

    Salmon Leaps

  2. glad you lightened up the 'salmon' kill ~ fun haiku ~ carol ^_^

  3. Nice giggle with the third one. The first conveys Kristjaan's background so succinctly. Well done!

  4. the wonder of a salmon hunt haunts me...

  5. Wonderful series JzB ... that second is a gem.

  6. I like these. I often feel things like this (I'm a vegan--I empathize too much sometimes!)


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