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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Pome Routine in Oz

Our 12-year-old granddaughter Rebekka just landed a role as a featured apple tree in The Wizard of Oz.  Hence this entry.


I never thought that I would see
Our fair Rebekka as a tree,

A tree that's simply standing there
A nest of apples in her hair;

A tree who barely gets to know
Dorothy and her pal Scarecrow

As they skip along one day,
They take an apple, refuse to pay,

And in their greed, insult the trees.
So throw your fruit at such as these.

Such trespassers you cannot please
So stay with your best friends -- the trees.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Reduced to a Haiku

Dorothy and her
Brainless friend tricked apple trees
Into feeding them

 ~  ~  ~

Update: Another Haiku,
Inspired by Tigerbrite


Sometimes they escape
Wander down a yellow road
Try to steal apples.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Carpe Diem Special #12


  1. Awesome poem, but I like the haiku more (not strange of course, I am your host on Carpe Diem's daily gaiku meme). It's really a wonderfully composed haiku in which you can read the whole story of Wizard of Oz's scarecrow.
    Thank you for sharing, and welcome at Carpe Diem. Hope to see you here again.

  2. Rebekka makes a BEAUTIFUL tree! And since she appears to be the "apple of your eye" -- quite befitting tribute to her part!

  3. I enjoyed seeing the evolution to the haiku ...thank you

  4. You made my day! Delightful writes, all of them! (I just worry about thieving scarecrows, however--but only moderately!)



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