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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Carpe Deim Special #14 - Ancient Road


Where will it take you -
The road goes ever on and
Will it lead back home?

It starts at my door -
Flowing off like a river
 Where does this road lead?

The road carries me
On to my destination
Will you come along?

Wherever we go
We wander without a map
On the road of life

There is no escape
I travel far down this road
And still find myself

Carpe Diem Special #14


  1. i love this set.. it's a reflection of real life.. fear, hesitation, curiosity, searching.. happy new year! ^^

  2. Life like a road or a river leading us to ... where? The important thing is finding ourselves at the end in company of the ones we love.
    Nice set of haiku.

  3. Sorry, I forgot to tell you in my last visit that I enjoyed the haiku you left in my blog a lot, this one:
    My sweet lovely wife
    Grandmother of eleven
    Stands proud unwrinkled

    Both of you are lucky! So are your grandchildren.

  4. Thanks, friends
    I appreciate your wonderful comments

  5. That's life: a road where you really are not the navigator! Happy New Year...

  6. Finding yourself... I like that on the road of life you are your best most constant companion!


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