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Monday, December 3, 2012

Sunday Whirl

Wordle 85 On Monday.   I am not perfect.

This time, I'm exploring the strange and unexpected turn Cheryl's life has taken since the seduction by her not-quite-human paramour.  This story is developing in ways that are no more planned than Cheryl's pregnancy, so it all might seem a bit choppy.   As yet, there is only one glaring inconsistency, and so far nobody knows about it but me - and Cheryl's illicit lover, whoever or whatever he might be.

This is, I think, the 5th meme that I have used for inspiration among the 4 threads of this story.  The Wordle words are highlighted in this 144 word vignette.  For context, you can click the "Cheryl's thread" link at the end of the post or in the right hand frame.


They parted at the footbridge.  Cheryl walked alone through the trees, then glanced back past the FORK in the path, but he was gone, as she knew he would be.  Her mood WAXED to MANIC joy at the thought of the new life taking form [though a strange form it would surely be] inside her, the by-blow of this weird and unexpected AFFAIR, then crashed to FORLORN despair.

Now she had a dual identity, with her life HEWN into mundane and eutre fragments that could never FUSE, nor even have anything to do with each other.  The worst of this CLASH was that Gil could never FIND out.

The SAND of the unpaved lot scrunched under her tires as she started the long DRIVE home.  She knew what Gil would DESIRE when she arrived, and had only a few short hours to compose herself.

 ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Reduced to a haiku

 Now so wildly torn,
What can she make of her life
In two worlds apart?

 ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Walked back,
A changed woman.

Via Link

 ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Cheryl's thread


  1. Interesting use of the words. A little sad. Like your admonitions. Very cool

  2. Good use the the wordle words. I (personally) think the story would have flowed better if they hadn't been in capitals though. Nice Haiku too.
    Thanks for the visit :)

  3. A intrigued ..
    Loved the haiku and the 6-word format too.
    will be back to read other parts !

  4. Liking both. Your six-worder is great. Though you realise I only formatted mine in stanzas of hay(na)ku so they'd appear more like poetry? Most would write 6-word stories as one line, like Hemingway did. I love the 1/2/3 format of hay(na)ku. Nicely proportioned. Cheers

  5. Your haiku reduction is fabulous. The whole journey rocked, actually. I loved my stop here. Thank you.


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