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Friday, December 21, 2012

Carpe Diem #76 - Quilt

My grandmother made
This patchwork quilt - work of love
Keeps me warm tonight

Actually, my mother has the quilt, and it might have been her grandmother who made it.  More than a little poetic license here.  The pattern isn't like the one in the picture, but it is that intricate.

With needle in hand
She carefully crafts the quilt
With love in her heart

There's no direct reference to nature or weather here, though one may infer the season from the topic of the warm quilt.  I'm mindful now of first-third line interchangeability, and am trying to achieve that feature with these haiku.  I think they work pretty well.

Update:  I like what Bjorn did, so I did this.

A party for two
Under grandmother's old quilt
Sharing body heat

Carpe Diem #76


  1. aww, so sweet. I love how you made this a sort of concrete poem with the multi-colored patchwork word. Cute!

  2. I have also written a haiku on my grandmother sewing me a quilt. Nice crafted haiku, with interchangeable lines. Thank you for sharing.

  3. A touching serie of haiku. Thanks..

  4. 3 beautiful haiku, connected and warm in their essence....

  5. Grandmother's provide such wonderful memories through the art of a quilt (mine included)!! Very nice!
    Special Quilt


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