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Friday, December 14, 2012

Tragedy in a Schoolyard

Today a psychopath attacked school children at their school with murderous intent.

He wounded 22, but there were no fatalities.

This happened in China, where, due to the lack of readily available guns, he had to use a knife.

It's still a huge tragedy, but the parents of these children will be seeing them in recovery rooms, not morgues.

I am not making this up. Google it.

Also note, you almost never read about drive-by knifings, or innocents getting caught in the cross-stabbing.

Yes, people kill people. Guns simply make it a whole lot quicker, easier, more efficient and indiscriminate.

It's why we don't go to war wielding swords.


  1. My point exactly... I've been trying to make... I've stopped arguing now with the pro-gun lobbyists... the Chinese attack had no one killed.. the US one was a massacre. Gun laws are a problem. Guns do kill people, which is, as you say, why we don't wage war with swords anymore. We have psychopaths in Europe too.. but because guns are so hard to get, this kind of thing happens far far less. No one fears gun attacks. Almost no one owns a gun. (mainly hunters, farmers and servicemen). Semi-autos are impossible to get, pretty much

  2. Isn't it odd that these two happened on the same day? You make an important point here and I hope lots of people see it. Are you on facebook? Perhaps you could share it there or some other social media source.

  3. From what little I've read, these events happen in China from time to time, sometimes with fatalities.

    Mary - I have shared his on FB, my other blog, and even as a comment on another blog.



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