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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Carpe Diem #75 Early Plum Blossoms

I wrote one of my haiku, then went in search of information on plums.  Backwards, I know, but don't be surprised when I do things that way.  Michigan is the number 4 state in U.S. plum production, and mostly grows European rather than earlier ripening Japanese plum varieties.  What I already knew was that the Winter of 2011-12 was especially mild, and led to an early Spring, followed by a disastrous late frost.  Plums in the state blossomed in March.  Apples, peaches, pears and cherries also blossomed early and these crops were all severely damaged by one night of late Spring frost.

For my haikus, I have interpreted the word "blossoms" first as a verb, then as a noun.

I searched in vain for a picture of a Michigan plum blossom, and finally settled for this one, from Japan.  The lonely blossom seems fitting.   Also some plum haiku at the source.

Early Plum Blossoms

Early plum blossoms
Too soon, then is ravaged by
Harsh Michigan frost

~  ~  ~

Early bird gets the
Worm; Early plum blossoms are
Nipped by late Spring frost

Carpe Diem # 75


  1. I like both of your haiku. They're really beautiful JzB. Thank you for participating in Carpe Diem.

  2. Thank you for the haiku and the explanation. They are all a joy to read :)

  3. Interesting information about that terrible frost, poor plum blossoms!
    I like the use you have made of the famous early bird... in this prompt and then the storm nipping the flowers. Sometimes it's better to go on sleeping to avoid damage.

  4. Darn those spring frosts! Lovely haiku and back round info very helpful! thanks for sharing!

  5. Very humorous in a way ~ fun haiku ~ lovely photo ~

    (A Creative Harbor ~ aka ~ ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^)

  6. It is a shame to wait all year for those plums - and have them destroyed overnight!! Our taste buds must wait another year ... plus an unpleasant demise for the farmers counting on the crop. Thank you for sharing.
    Plum Blossoms

  7. Very nice and good explanation, me too I expect the frost to be damaging to the plum bloom.

  8. Good one ...though bad n sad for the early plum blossom..:)


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