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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Sunday Whirl - Wordle 86

On Tuesday.  As Ford Prefect once said, "Time is an illusion."  Link up here.

This array at first looked to be intractable, so I let it rest for a day.  Late last night I decided to compose a series of haiku with a common first line that illuminates the mythos of my developing story. In the Wikipedia article on Fairies there is a section heading "A Hidden People."  Five syllables and very close to what I needed.  After a little editing this morning, and arranging into what I think is the proper sequence, here they are.

The hidden people
Live in a magical space
Not so far from us.

The hidden people
Might coast overhead on their
Diaphanous Wings.

The hidden people
Have never forged steel weapons
Just obsidian.

The hidden people
Prefer bland climate; coats fit
Poorly over wings.

The hidden people
Know magic is old hat and
Weave spells from spirits.

The hidden people
Display the entire spectrum
Of green in their eyes.

The hidden people
Have innate eroticism;
They don't mate for life.

The hidden people
Will be relentless when they
Don't know what they seek.

The hidden people
seem delicate but can have
Power over us.

The hidden people,
Not fecund, tap into our
rampant fertility.

The hidden people
Can rejuvenate us with
The power of love

The hidden people
Suffer from stress and whither


  1. Thanks so much for this. You are a big piece of synchronicity in my existence today. I love your take on the fairies and agree with each and every stanza. Wonderful wordle work,


  2. Elizabeth -

    You are a big piece of synchronicity in my existence today.

    It's been a long time since anyone has told me that.
    I wonder what I've synchronized with.

    Thanks very much for the kind words.


  3. Hi, what I meant was that I was trying to write for another prompt that asked us for a poem about 'my life as a poem.' I had tried several different things, but because my poetry is most often personal, I didn't feel that what I was doing held freshness. Then remembered something I had written over twenty years ago. Worked with it so that it better reflected the time that had passed since being written, but was hesitating about posting it. Meanwhile was trying to catch up on comments from the previous wordle. Came here and read what you said could be found here. "There be dragons". Which was what my poem was about. I went back to my site and posted it. You can find it here:

    Thanks again, Elizabeth


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