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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Carpe Diem #121 -- Greed; Plus 3WW CCCXVI

Our three words are

Our Carpe Diem prompt is Greed - one of the 7 deadly sins

 Cumbersome this load
I acquired in my rampage
Morbid I still yearn

 $$  :  $$

Root of all evil
Acquisitive by nature
Moral dilemma

$$  :  $$

STUFF - what's mine is mine
I love THINGS like Smaug loves GOLD
[What's yours is mine too]

$$  :  $$

How much do I need?
A question for the ages
How much stuff is there?

$$  :  $$

Money and power
Fungible if you have them
While most go hungry

$$  :  $$

I'll have another
More - I'm still not satisfied
So I'm taking yours

$$  :  $$

Greed for chocolate
There's only one morsel left
Would I share with you?

$$  :  $$

Some say greed is good
As Moose ponders his next move
Goose lays Golden Egg

$$  :  $$


  1. So glad to see the Moose still in your delightful haiku ~ very well done for 'Greed' ~

    Carol of: (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ on blogger

  2. I can see that Moose isn't going anywhere soon, not with that golden egg lying nearby! :)

    Greed of Shadows

  3. Chuckles! This is great Jzb! Wonderful set of offerings. What I like most are the loads of wit around them and that takes talent! Nicely!


  4. Greedy for the last bit of chocolate! Absolutely! ;) Thanks for spreading your wit all over the place! It's so much fun to visit blogs AFTER you've been there!

  5. funny, I indirectly referenced Smaug, too :)

  6. "Would I share with you?"

    That, sir, is merely a rhetorical question, is it not? :)

    Greedy Warriors

  7. now about the chocolate.... *blushes* call me greedy all you want but... last piece is always mine ^^

  8. Fun posts about greed, and I really like the 3WW post. Look forward to returning.

  9. "acquisitive by nature" appears to have been a common response to this prompt. Enjoyed this collection-so prolific!

  10. Nicely done JzB ... love these series.


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