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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Carpe Diem Special #24 -- Rouge Flower

Inspirational Haiku by Chiyo-Ni:
the dew of the rouge flower
when it is spilled
is simply water

What you get from me:

Rouge flower
Plucked from its bed
Sticky fingers


Simple water
From a flower's cup


Only water
From a flower's cup
Wet and flat


Plucked flower
Turned upside down
Wet spot


Short poems
On the subject of dew
Condensed verse


Rouge Flower dew
Moose and Goose share a cup
Wish for nectar


Dewdrops on the web
Spider spills them to the ground
Drinks fly fluids



  1. What I see in Coyo-Ni's example is a sense of loss from despoiling nature. So my attempts relate to disappointment, irreversible change, longing for what can't be, and bad choices.

  2. I'm afraid I am well acquainted with disappointment and bad choices, but I am far from disappointed in your condensed verse and those undoubtedly delicious fly fluids! Thank you!

    April Showers

  3. Moose and Goose
    deserve the finest nectar
    I'll drink to that!

  4. You were really inspired by Chiyo-Ni. That last haiku is my favorite it's in the Spirit of Chiyo-Ni.

  5. Condensed Verses
    Sing succinctly, epic of
    My heart

    Excellent work!

  6. Moose and Goose share a cup --- awwwww

    and love the term flower's cup ^^

  7. You and WabiSabi should collaborate on Moose-and-Goose haiku!

    After Chiyo-Ni

  8. Simple water
    From a flower's cup

    So simple and yet true


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