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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Līgo Haībun Challenge -- Melt

Yer Pirate, and some other Wordpress Users -

If you should read this, I want you to know that I am unable to comment on any of your blog posts including the one for this challenge.  These comments must be stuck in your spam filter.  Please release them.

~ : ~ : ~

I saw this new challenge at KZ's blog and was inspired by what she wrote.  So much so that this is a direct response to it.  A failure of originality, perhaps, but you know what they say about imitation.  Anyway, here goes, at exactly 220 words.


My Dearest Jocelyn -

The handkerchief you made for me is perfect. Would you be surprised that I still keep it close to my heart?   I do so admire your skill with needlepoint, your touch at the harpsichord, the beauty of your singing, your way with words, and the quiet confidence with which you handle the servants. My father bought his way into our social class, and you saw how I was never accepted there.  That by itself is enough to make our love impossible.

You know that I have always loved you, and certainly in a way that your husband never could.  But Willoughby's was so long ago.  Still, I remember that first kiss, the touch of your soft hands, and all else that we did that night.  The memory gives me such a warm glow.

My husband has been able to thaw me.  Or maybe I was never frozen.  But even now, with oceans between us when I am in his arms I think of you.  Perhaps it would help if you would think of me.

I memorized your beautiful letter before I burned it in the candle that you gave me.  You know what to do with this.

Sent with all my love,


~ : ~ : ~

Love that never wanes
Though the candles are burned low
Nevermore to wax

 ~ : ~ : ~ 


  1. This is so awesome, JzB! I loved kz's inspiration to write a letter, and this reply is just beautiful, and equally romantic! I love how you affirmed her, and protected the secrecy... and the candle in the haiku... all without using the word melt! Awesome!

  2. p.s. Yes, your comment disappeared in my spam. I rescued it though, and thanks so much!

  3. What an amazing idea- truly original, and so well done. Seems to fit so well with what kz did, and makes both this letter and hers even more real - its just stunning in so many ways!
    Have looked at spam - will check more often, thanks - yer pirate

  4. I just read kz' s beautiful post and with yours the story has suddenly grown into something more, showing me the other side of it. Even Willoughby's being so long in the past, love is there...and care is as well as the secret... Love it, JzB.

  5. omg i love you! haha this is awesome. i'm so glad i didn;t make it a suicide note like i initially intended.. this is great, really ^^

  6. :)

  7. Very good. And I'm amazed at the letter form, that seemed to be taken directly out of an Austen novel. And the haiku to top it. Very good.

  8. Wow.. What a lovely response filled with so much love. Wonderfully done and the haiku compliments the letter.

  9. a great follow letter and haiku...super! <3


  10. Nice unexpected companion to the other letter.
    Makes for a fun blog hop!



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