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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Carpe Diem #261, Dervish Dream

Today, I'm thinking not so much about the music of Karunesh, but more about a whirling dancer, and what her dreams might be.

The dervish specifically seeks a heightened spiritual awakening.  But even a secular dancer [or musician, poet, artist or artisan] can strive for an experience outside the ordinary that might, from the application of serious discipline, have a spiritual component.

Our oldest granddaughter, who will be sixteen next month, is a serious dancer.  In addition to her regular dance studies, she has participated in several summer intensives with the Cicchetti Council of America, The American Ballet Theater, and she is currently in New York spending a week with The Rockettes.

Here is a video where you can see some of her twirling, specifically at 0:55 and 1:50. 

Who knows where she will go, if she follows her dream.

~ 1 ~

serious dance
body and spirit moving
in cosmic rhythm

~ 2 ~

the earth always whirls
moose grows antlers at each turn
goose flies home again

~ 3 ~

silken dervish
orb weaver does the 8 step
whirling a web


Carpe Diem #261


  1. I love your first poem, made even more wonderful by the video of your beautiful granddaughter! Oh how I would love to be in cosmic rhythm!

  2. Thanks, Wabi.

    Full disclosure - Amanda is my lovely wife's granddaughter.
    But we play nice together and share.


  3. Cosmic rhythm is a beautiful phrase. Your and grace. May all her dreams come true. You must be so proud of her. Such a discipline...ballet.

    1. Thanks Maggie.
      She's a really sweet kid, and well grounded, too.
      If there's any ego there, I haven't seen it.


  4. A Grandfathers love is no Dervish, but neither is it a dream ;)

  5. What a nice series JzB ... I like the spider haiku the most.


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