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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Carpe Diem #265, Eagle's Flight

We actually saw an eagle over black lake on our recent vacation.  The nest is somewhere on the south shore, and we were on the south west shore where the lake is widest.  Early one evening it came soaring out over the water.  It looked and moved so different from the water birds we had been seeing, and made quite a striking image in the low sun's steep rays.  Then it looped around and headed for home, before I had a chance to pick up my camera.

white head and tail
dark wings shredding the blue sky
an eagle soars

Carpe Diem #265 


  A propos of nothing, here is a video from a performance I was a part of over the week end.  I'm out of sight, behind the trumpets. 

I LOVE Diane's singing.



  1. Agree with MMT.... shredding the blue sky is perfect! I love this poem! And the video is tops!

  2. "Wings shredding the sky" vivid and wonderful. I wish the sound on video worked for me. It has a mind of its own. Thank you for your comments on my haiku! I've been slow this week in reading and in following up. Know how appreciated your visits are.

  3. Yes great image and thanks for sharing the sighting with us.

  4. Wings shredding the sky ... that's a wonderful line JzB. Nice haiku.


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